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Every real estate agent must be backed by a marketing strategy that provides you with best outcomes and, therefore, more buyers.

Real estate marketing is vital to drive satisfactory results and improve practices that could be obsolete according to the needs of the consumer. Therefore, real estate agents must be aware of which are those that can optimize their work.

Faced with an environment that is increasingly being competed by different real estate companies as well as franchises of various companies, it is helpful for agents to implement certain marketing strategies. We share five of them.

  • Prospects: Selling no longer means throwing the message to the public in the hope that someone will interest you, but now it is necessary to know to what kind of people you may be interested in what we offer. This is based on market studies that bring the offer closer to the group of people who demand it.
  • Word of mouth: studies reveal that it has an effectiveness of 87%. The practice focuses on pushing recommendations and good comments around the buying experience, which give way to recommendations that are more likely to be taken into account.
  • Personal branding: real estate agents are seen as a brand, and as such, must have emphatic reactions and services that improve the relationship with prospects and clients. Appearance is also a fundamental point in the subject, so they must pay attention to what they project based on their appearance, where it is vital to gain public trust.
  • Events: studies assert that 79% of the companies that opt ​​for them get an improvement in their level of purchases, since it has the virtue of bringing the company closer to the customer and making it “live the brand” and that it feels part of this. Real estate agents can organize small meetings with prospects to publicize the available properties, as well as their main points in favor.
  • Internet: practices such as video marketing have the virtue of boosting more purchases, since the consumer can know in depth what is offered, as well as the opportunity to interact based on technological tools. Likewise, the use of social networks is another way of promoting the dissemination of available properties.
  • MARKETING TRAINING PLAN..This is crucial for the sale of real estate. Establish strategic alliances with real estate portals and diverse commercial partners, as well as commercial relations with banking and financial institutions, to design products and programs that benefit our franchisees.

Being organized, informed and confident will make buying your next property an exciting and rewarding process.


Today’s buyers are more informed than ever, due mostly to the internet and other technologies that have made all this information available to anyone who is interested. In fact, many of our customers have begun bidding on several popular real estate sites, even before we are aware of them, thanks to site alerts and real-time search functions. So to this day we answer fewer questions about prices and inventories than before.

What do buyers have in mind?

Today’s shoppers are more concerned about lifestyle and value. When the market suffered a fall, many people stayed in a transitional property, where they did not intend to spend much time, and now they could not sell it. Everyone felt that the market would go up and selling would not be difficult, what we know today is there are no guarantees at all.

So buyers now rely on us – the professional with an insight into community amenities, changes in the market, and general values ​​- to guide their searches and find the ideal home. Many of them are looking to buy a home where they will live for several years, so doing it the right way is important. But even more important than that, is that buyers today are very interested in the value of the property. Clients often ask if we notice any changes in business and development, especially in more urbanized markets, and how we interpret the changes to come in the area.

There are also many questions about repair and remodeling costs. Buyers often ask about costs to make any changes or improvements to be able to include that information in their evaluation. There is always the question of whether these renovations will add value to the property, and in that sense our opinions are much sought after.

Our answers

First of all, it is imperative that our relationship with clients is based on trust, otherwise answering any of these questions would be difficult. We explain to customers that we have knowledge of the market from the inside that we will gladly share, but they should always do their own research. There are many very useful tools that we recommend that they use.

Basically, we treat home searches as a collaboration. We focus more on listening than on talking to determine how to place them in front of a property that meets their expectations and lifestyle goals. We answer your questions warmly and we look forward to providing the best information for you to make the right decision. After this, we let the property make the sale by itself.


Tips for Buyers

The first and most important thing is to investigate. We suggest looking for houses, either in person or by searching the internet every afternoon, paying special attention to details. Not for the good of the agent, but for the sake of themselves. This will save time and help maintain mental health, and will make the customer a well-informed and prepared buyer to make a strong offer when the time is right, because he will already have well-defined goal in mind.

Next, we advise you to write the objectives regarding the house you are looking for, focusing on three important categories: location, description and price. Using these three categories you have to make a list of the properties that most attracted attention and order them by priority. Finally you have to take the list and choose two of the three categories that have more importance for the customer, the third category will be variable. Being organized, informed and confident will make buying your next property an exciting and rewarding process.

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